Thursday, March 10, 2016

New tvOS Client SDK Now Available

With the release of Apple TV 4th generation, Apple added a new platform for the development and distribution of apps. We are happy to announce that Lightstreamer now supports this new platform as well, with the same APIs provided for iOS and OS X.

The new tvOS Client SDK is directly derived from the iOS SDK version 2.0.0. As such, the API model is pretty identical

We provide also a sample application, our ubiquitous Stock-List Demo, in tvOS flavor on GitHub. Check it out for an example of use of this new SDK.

Happy coding on tvOS with Lightstreamer!

Get the SDK

You can download the SDK, which includes the API reference documentation, as part of the Lightstreamer distribution from


  • Includes 64 bit ARM code,  i386 code for use with the simulator, and LLVM bitcode
  • Requires tvOS version 9.0 or greater
  • Requires linking with the following frameworks: Security.framework, SystemConfiguration.framework
  • Requires ARC

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