Tuesday, April 30, 2024

šŸ”„Introducing Lightstreamer Kafka Connector!

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Lightstreamer family: the Lightstreamer Kafka Connector, now available to you at no additional cost!

As many of you are aware, the Apache Kafka® platform is the industry standard for distributed event streaming, used by 80% of Fortune 100 companies. It excels in creating high-performance data pipelines, for streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications, handling vast volumes of data with unmatched throughput and reliability.

However, Kafka faces challenges in the "last mile" of data delivery—direct streaming to end-users, especially through firewalls and proxies, traversing unreliable networks, and scaling to large numbers of concurrent connections. Essentially, Kafka was not built with the public internet in mind.

Enter the Lightstreamer Kafka Connector. This tool bridges the gap, merging Lightstreamer's legendary streaming capabilities with Kafka’s robust infrastructure, delivering a seamless solution in perfect synergy. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Intelligent Streaming & Adaptive Throttling: Optimize the data flow with smart bandwidth management, automatic data conflation, and delta delivery.
  • Massive Scalability: Connect millions of clients without compromising performance.
  • Firewall & Proxy Traversal: Deliver real-time data to clients anywhere, overcoming network barriers.
  • Comprehensive Client API Support: Includes fully supported SDKs for web, Android, iOS, Python, Java, Flutter, .NET, Node.js, and more!
  • Extensive Broker Compatibility: Compatible with leading brokers such as Apache Kafka, Confluent Platform, Confluent Cloud, Amazon MSK, Redpanda, Aiven, and others.