Thursday, February 20, 2014

How NASA Is Using Lightstreamer

Collaboration between Lightstreamer and NASA dates back to 2010. NASA chose Lightstreamer as the push streaming engine for delivering real-time telemetry data from the International Space Station to web and mobile applications.

Several resources, including articles and public apps, have been made available across the years on the ISS Live project. I would like to collect and resume some of those resources here, to keep a clear snapshot of how Lightstreamer is being used by NASA. (Obviously, only public information will be reported and nothing else will be disclosed).


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lightstreamer 6.0 Preview Release Available

We are very pleased to announce the early public availability of the next release of Lightstreamer Colosseo: version 6.0.

Lightstreamer now includes support for Mobile Push Notifications (MPN). Clients have new APIs to activate special subscriptions whose updates are delivered through push notifications. New MPN subscriptions are persistent, compatible with existing data adapters, and require only one call to be activated. Now, just one line of code separates your app from full push notification support!

This preview release includes MPN support for iOS and OS X SDKs, based on Apple Push Notification service (APNs). Support for more platforms will be rolled out progressively.

Version 6.0 provides also a new Monitoring Dashboard with a full JMX Tree, better control on remote adapter initialization and logging, new clearSnapshot API on the adapter SDK, as well as improved performance, scalability, and security.