Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Client APIs for Android and Java SE

We are very excited to announce early availability of brand new client APIs for Android and Java SE. The new APIs follow the Lightstreamer Unified Client API model, which was first introduced with the JavaScript client API.

This means that developers of applications for different client platforms will be given the same programming model when using a Lightstreamer client library. Same abstractions, same interfaces, same features, and same internal mechanisms. Developers will be able to move from a client platform to another seamlessly, without having to learn a new Lightstreamer API, or having to deal with caveats specific to each platform. At the same time, the Unified Client API implementations respect all the peculiarities of each platform, in terms of naming conventions, packaging, etc. So, developers of each platform will feel "at home" when using the new APIs.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Lightstreamer and OpenFin Integration

When it comes to fast changing data for online financial applications, software developers know how challenging it can be to deliver excellent performance, especially when web technologies are involved. On the one hand, real-time data must be streamed efficiently over the Internet through firewalls and proxies to reach the users' desktop or mobile device. On the other hand, the data must be rendered smoothly to provide the best possible user experience.

Lightstreamer and OpenFin joined forces to show, through a demo, how both these challenges can be addressed by combining their respective solutions: Lightstreamer for real-time data transport and OpenFin for real-time data visualization using HTML5.