Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Proud to Be a Component of the Eco-District Technology Environment

by digitalart
An Eco-District is a small-scale area such as a neighborhood or a district with a community commitment to achieving neighborhood-scale sustainability. Smart Grid is one of the key features included.
The Smart Grid is a vision of the future electricity delivery infrastructure that improves network efficiency and resilience, while empowering consumers and addressing energy sustainability concerns. To make the grid "smarter," and capable of addressing the need to decarbonize generation sources and enable end-user energy efficiency, utilities will have to improve observability and controllability of their networks, while transforming them into geodesic structures that intersperse a variety of distributed energy resources – some owned and operated by consumers.
The dynamic infrastructure resource allocation becomes pervasive. Events potentially impacting performance could be easily missed without a strong real-time data distribution solution.

The Lightstreamer team is excited to be a small piece of a green future!

EMBIX has chosen Lightstreamer as the real-time data distribution
 solution for the energy management environment.
Alstom and Bouygues—through its subsidiaries Bouygues Immobilier and ETDE—have agreed to 
create a 50/50 joint venture under the name EMBIX to develop and provide energy-management
 services for eco-districts. The initiative opens a new chapter in the fruitful partnership begun by 
Bouygues and Alstom in 2006.
 EMBIX will offer a wide range of services with high added value, ranging from audits for ecodistricts 
taking account of new environmental and regulatory requirements to optimisation of
 energy performance through the use of information systems featuring the latest advances in 
Smart Grid technologies.” (Source: Alstom web site

[By Mauro Fantechi]

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