Monday, May 9, 2011

Lightstreamer has a New Logo

After ten years' great service, it was time to replace the Lightstreamer logo with a brand new one, more up to date and stylish.

Above is the new logo. It keeps a bit of Italian style. The central 'S' gives a slight idea of a rotation, recalling the bidirectional data flow implemented by Lightstreamer. Below is the old logo, which gave the idea of streaming through the underlying wave made of small colored bits. But ten years of history are visible...

There is more stylish news! We updated the company logo too:

Weswit, the company behind Lightstreamer, is an Italian software house. The meaning of the acronym is actually WE make SoftWare in ITaly. We decided to recall this explicitly, through the colors and the slogan, as our mission is to inject the high quality of "made-in-Italy" products into the software industry.

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