Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lightstreamer 3.6 is out!

I'm very happy to announce that we have publicly released updated versions of all the Lightstreamer components, with many improvements and new exciting features, including: the official Silverlight client, AMF support for the Flex client, efficient bidirectional push for the new faster JavaScript client, a new threading model for the Server, and much more.

After downloading the new package, please remember to get updated licenses. If you are a Moderato user, just generate a new license online. If you are an Allegro/Presto/Vivace user with a valid support contract, please get back to us.

When upgrading, consider that the new Server is compatible with all previous clients and most previous Adapters (only an old deprecated method was finally removed). On the other hand, the new Client libraries may require the new Server. All the compatibility constraints are clearly stated in the "Version.txt" files within each SDK.

Below is a quick overview of just some of the changes. Please make sure you have a look at the full change log too.

+ Lightstreamer Server v. 3.6

The threading model has been redesigned and extended. In particular, we have separated the management of external requests into subtasks related with request parsing, authentication, authorization/execution and subscription. Each subtask is then separated into lower level subtasks devoted to individual tables or items. Hence, compound client requests are now managed in parallel. Furthermore, all subscription requests to the Data Adapter are performed in parallel and asynchronously with respect to the client requests. We have extended the Adapter Set configuration to define optional dedicated thread pools for hosting request management subtasks related to the Adapter Set.

We have introduced multiple NIO selectors devoted to read, write, and SSL handshaking operations instead of one for each operation type. This will improve scalability over multiples cores and cpus.

It is now possible to add custom HTTP headers to the responses.

It is now easier to terminate a session from another node in the cluster, in order to implement cluster-wide control over the maximum granted number of concurrent sessions for each user.

+ Lightstreamer Web Client v. 4.4

We have deeply refactored the JavaScript code of the library to make it cleaner and lighter. The results are very good, with a new library that is smaller and faster.

Many internal mechanisms have been improved, including the connection sharing system, the network protocol, and the namespace management.

An efficient and reliable backward channel has been implemented, which makes it possible to push messages from the client to the server with advanced features, such as delivery notification and automatic batching. All this has been implemented on the top of the existing sendMessage function.

+ Lightstreamer Silverlight Client v. 1.2

The Silverlight Client library is now officially part of the Lightstreamer distribution, after extensive testing as a stand-alone package. It is now straightforward to develop reliable and efficient push-enabled Silverlight applications. A simple example, with full source code, is provided within the new SDK.

+ Lightstreamer Flex Client v. 2.0

The new ActionScript client library has undergone many improvements from all perspectives (features, reliability, and performance).

The push of native objects encoded with Action Message Format (AMF) is now fully supported. If you have complex data structure to push, rather than tabular data, it may be easier and faster to directly process real-time ActionScript objects.

Standard Flex logger, as well as standard Flex properties (instead of getters/setters) are now supported.

Furthermore, a full Adobe AIR example is now included in the SDK.

+ Lightstreamer Java SE Client v. 2.4

Stream-sense (heuristic automatic choice between streaming and polling) is now supported.
We have added support for mocking the library for custom code testing purpose.

+ Lightstreamer .NET Client v. 1.4

Stream-sense is now supported.
We have added support for mocking the library for custom code testing purpose.
We have introduced properties instead of getters in several classes.

+ Lightstreamer Java ME Client v. 2.4

We have improved mobile connection management. Stream-sense was already supported.
We have added support for mocking the library for custom code testing purpose.

+ Lightstreamer Generic Client v.3.6

The network protocol has been improved. Direct network protocol implementation is used for example by an open-source implementation of an iPhone Client for Lightstreamer (iStreamLight).

+ Lightstreamer Adapter Remoting Infrastructure 1.3

Support for disconnected remote Metadata Adapters has been introduced, through the brand new RobustNetworkedMetadataProvider. Disconnected remote Data Adapters were already supported.

Apart from the features above, many minor bugs have been fixed in all the components, making Lightstreamer even more robust than before. Please see the change log for full details.

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