Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Lightstreamer Version Released Today

A new version of the Lightstreamer software suite has been released.
Below is a summary of the main changes. The detailed change log is available.

Lightstreamer Server is still labeled version 3.5, but with increased build number. It contains:
- Some improvements in the logging facility.
- A better management of HTTP errors and HTTP GET idempotence.
- Some minor fixes.

Lightstreamer Web Client is now version 4.3.1 and contains several improvements:
- Fastest and more robust algorithm for Engine migration across different tabs and windows.
- Lightstreamer password is always sent through HTTP POST instead of GET.
- Better compatibility with Opera Browser.
- Some minor fixes.

Lightstreamer Flex Client is now version 1.2 and includes:
- Lower latency in data dispatch.
- New error management.
- Other improvements and fixes.

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