Thursday, July 31, 2008

Updated Lightstreamer Components

Summer newsletter just sent out:

There will be several exciting news on Lightstreamer in September, after the summer holidays (as August, here in Italy, is the typical month for taking a break..).

A significant update to all the Lightstreamer components will be released (more details below).

We are very happy with the positive feedbacks that our customers and partners have provided on the quality of Lightstreamer software and of our support service. Furthermore, the developer community that has formed around the free edition of Lightstreamer is quite enthusiastic. So I would like to thank everybody for helping us continuously improve.

To keep up to date with the latest news regarding Lightstreamer, feel free to visit our blog:

The next release of Lightstreamer software, expected in September, will include the following components:

- Lightstreamer Server v. 3.5
- SDK for Java Adapters v. 3.5
- SDK for .NET Adapters v. 1.5
- SDK for Adapter Remoting Infrastructure v. 1.2
- SDK for Web Clients v. 4.3
- SDK for Flash Clients (JS Bridge) v. 1.1
- SDK for Flex Clients (Native AS) v. 1.1
- SDK for Java SE Clients v. 2.3
- SDK for Java ME Clients v. 2.1
- SDK for .NET Clients v. 1.2

Here are just some of the new features and improvements:

* Support for multiple Data Adapters used as part of the same session. A Metadata/Data Adapter Pair will be generalized to an "Adapter Set", made up of a single Metadata Adapter and one or multiple Data Adapters. It will be possible to specify the Data Adapter to use for each Table subscription.

* Possibility to include the internal Monitor Adapter in any Adapter set, to create custom monitor consoles.

* Optimization of high-frequency long-polling mode.

* New listeners in the Client libraries to handle item updates in a more consistent way across different SDKs.

* The engine migration algorithm in the Web Client is now even faster and more reliable.

* Optimized throttling heuristics for mobile devices.

* New MultiMetapush tables in the Web Client.

* Several new demos will be provided to cover many more aspects of Lightstreamer through some example code.

Many other features and bug fixes will be included, which will be depicted in detail in the accompanying change log.

Furthermore, the new Lightstreamer Server v.3.5 will maintain full backward compatibility with previous Clients and previous Adapters


Alessandro Alinone
Chief Technology Officer

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