Thursday, October 21, 2010

NASA Spacecraft Telemetry

Lightstreamer has been procured by NASA Mission Operations Directorate via Lockheed Martin. The Mission Operations Directorate is evaluating the product for distribution of real-time spacecraft telemetry data. [Read the press release]

Telemetry is a kind of application where being able to push real-time data through the Internet, to any web browsers and smartphones, is a new fundamental feature.

The "Push Paradigm" (also know as "Comet") originated in the Financial Serivces industry, where Lightstreamer was the very first solution, back in 2000, that was able to update stock market prices in real-time using only html and javascript. Now, more and more application domains are taking benefit from this paradigm, including aerospace, military, gaming, sporting, and entertainment.

Are you using Lightstreamer for anything other than Financial Services? Let us know on our forum.

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