Friday, October 15, 2010

New Excel Demo Available

Excel spreadsheets are often the main means used by professional traders to analyze data and make decisions. Being able to inject real-time data into Excel means boosting the capabilities of the traders.

We have hosted a Lightstreamer-to-Excel demo for a long time, but we never provided the source code. We have now reengineered such demo and published online together with full source code. This way, Lightstreamer developers will have a good starting point to implement their own Excel applications.

From a technical perspective, this demo is made up of on a Java application, based on the Lightstreamer Java SE Client library. The application includes a third-party DDE server and acts as a bridge between Lightstreamer Server and the Excel sheet. It subscribes to 30 stock quotes and injects the real-time updates, received from the remote Lightstreamer Server, into the Excel sheet, via the DDE protocol.

Read more details, check out the demo, download the source code from the demo page: Excel DDE Demo

We are now working on another Excel demo based on the RTD protocol. This way, Lightstreamer developers will have all the resources they need to get started integrating Lightstreamer with Excel based on both the protocols.

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