Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shareprice Android Application Available

After the iPhone application, Shareprice has released another version for Google Android.

The new application is available in the Android Market for users of the T-Mobile G1 phone.

It streams real-time tick-by-tick price movements from the London Stock Exchange, using Lightstreamer as the push engine.

More information is available from the Shareprice site.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Evaluation Licenses Extended to 60 Days!

Starting from now, the Evaluation licenses generated for Lightstreamer Allegro/Presto/Vivace will last 60 days, instead of 30. Even if we easily extended the 30-day license on request, we thought developers need more time by default to evaluate the product while probably working on many other parallel activities...

Friday, November 14, 2008

James Ward Interviews Alessandro Alinone

James Ward (Technical Evangelist for Flex at Adobe) interviewed me during the AJAXWorld 2008 in San Jose. We talked about Lightstreamer's support for Flash and Flex. Here is the video:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lightstreamer at SIFMA Europe on 2-3 Dec 2008

Lightstreamer will have a booth at SIFMA European Technology Management Conference & Exhibition (the title of which will be "Market Crisis: Threat or Opportunity for IT?").
Please come and visit us. We will be glad to show you some Lightstreamer demonstrations and to answer any technical or sales questions you might have.
SIFMA European Technology Management Conference & Exhibition2-3 December 2008
East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf
London (UK)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shareprice iPhone Application Available

Shareprice has released on the UK iTunes app store the first approved native iPhone application to integrate with Lightstreamer in order to stream prices between the ‘market’ and the iPhone.

iStreamLight: Lightstreamer for the iPhone

Now it's official. There exists an open-source project that has released a native iPhone client library for Lightstreamer.

The project, created by Gianluca Bertani, is named iStreamLight and is hosted on Google Code. It is fully compatible with Cocoa Touch and the iPhone SDK 2.1 and requires Lightstreamer Presto or Vivace on the server side.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Four New Customers Added to the Public List

We have just added four Lightstreamer's customers to our public list:
  • Ciptadana
  • EFG-Hermes
  • MetalPrices
  • Zagrebacka Banka

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lightstreamer 3.5 Has Been Released

I am happy to announce that Lightstreamer Server v.3.5 is now available, together with updated versions of all the development kits (including Lightstreamer Web Client v.4.3).
Download new Lightstreamer distribution now

Monday, October 13, 2008

OpenAjax Alliance 2008 InteropFest: Test Passed

Lightstreamer has just passed the 2008 InteropFest, organized by the OpenAjax Alliance. This the third InteropFest since the creation of the OpenAjax Alliance and Lightstreamer has been successful in all the tests.

Three OpenAjax Metadata files were created to document the Lightstreamer Web Client libraries in a standard, interoperable format.

For more information, visit the 2008 InteropFest wiki.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

No1 Currency Added to the Customer List

Just added a new public customer, No1 Currency, to our online list (which is very partial as many of our customers still prefer to stay private; but we are working to add more and more public references).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lightstreamer 3.5 Is Out

We have just released the new version of all Lightstreamer components, including Lightstreamer Server v.3.5 and Lightstreamer Web Client v.4.3.

Everything is available from the usual download page.

Please remember you need to get compatible licenses (be them free or commercial) to enable Lightstreamer 3.5.

A newsletter and a press release will follow in the the next days or weeks.

Friday, September 19, 2008

AJAXWorld October 20-22, 2008 - San Jose, CA

Lightstreamer will be a Bronze Sponsor of AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo 2008 West.

We'll be glad to meet you at our booth, where you can ask any questions on Lightstreamer technology.

October 20-22, 2008

Fairmont Hotel
San Jose - California

Monday, September 8, 2008

EiG Expo 2008 in Barcelona

Lightstreamer will be exibiting at the 7th Annual European i-Gaming Congress and Expo. With over 1300 attendees expected, EiG 2008 will be the biggest ever.

Come and visit us at booth #752.

23-25 September 2008

Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona
Rambla Prim, 1-17
08019 Barcelona

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lightstreamer on Google Chrome

Chrome, the new Google browser, was released a couple of days ago as a beta version for Windows Vista/XP and officially entered the browser war, currently dominated by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Chrome offers many interesting features, aimed at making the browsing experience more robust, more secure, and faster. I was especially interested in the new V8 JavaScript engine, with its just-in-time compiler and a full-fledged garbage collector.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Updated Lightstreamer Components

Summer newsletter just sent out:

There will be several exciting news on Lightstreamer in September, after the summer holidays (as August, here in Italy, is the typical month for taking a break..).

A significant update to all the Lightstreamer components will be released (more details below).

We are very happy with the positive feedbacks that our customers and partners have provided on the quality of Lightstreamer software and of our support service. Furthermore, the developer community that has formed around the free edition of Lightstreamer is quite enthusiastic. So I would like to thank everybody for helping us continuously improve.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Tutorial on Socket-Based Adapters

I have just published a new article on Comet Daily, which explains how to develop a Lightstreamer Data Adapter based on plain sockets, instead of Java or .NET libraries:
“Hello World” for Sockets with Lightstreamer

Friday, July 25, 2008

AMT / Taroby: A New Partner from India

Advanced Millenium Technologies and Lightstreamer have entered into a strategic partnership through which AMT will act as a reseller of Lightstreamer products in India. In AMT's new product Taroby, AMT plans to integrate Lightstreamer technology for live message delivery and push functions in high performing collaboration environments.

UPDATE (August 19, 2008): A press release with more details is available.

iPhone Puzzle: A Native Lightstreamer Client?

Just published a musing on CometDaily, talking about the possible existence of a native Lightstreamer client library for iPhone 2.0...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lightstreamer on Firefox 3

The final version of Firefox 3 has been released this week and, as anticipated in previous tests done on beta versions, Lightstreamer has proved to take full advantage of the increased performance on this browser.

In this video I will show the seamless behavior of the "engine migration mechanism". Then, I will increase the number of tabs concurrently displaying real-time data. I will stop at 10 tabs, due to the CPU consumption of the screen recording software. But under normal conditions, I opened 70 tabs without saturating the client CPU!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lightstreamer will be at SIFMA 2008 (New York)

Lightstreamer will be an exhibitor at 2008 SIFMA Technology Management Conference & Exhibit, one of the premiere events for the financial services industry. You can visit Lightstreamer's booth and meet Alessandro Alinone (CTO) and Simon Walmsley (VP of Sales).
Lightstreamer Booth Number: 1832

SIFMA 2008 Web Site
June 10-12 2008
Hilton New York
1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

Thursday, May 29, 2008

PREVIOUS NEWS (2004-2008)

April 28, 2008 Panopticon-Lightstreamer Webinar on April 29th 2008

Join Brian O'Keefe (Panopticon) and Alessandro Alinone (Lightstreamer) will demonstrate how you can use Panopticon's new Enterprise product to display real-time streaming data on web clients.
Webinar: Visual analysis using real-time streaming data over your intranet or the web
Date: Tuesday, April 29th at 10:30AM New York time (3:30PM in London, 4:30PM in Frankfurt).
Click here for more details and to register

April 15, 2008 A New Tutorial for .NET Adapter Developers is Now Available

A new "Hello World" tutorial for Lightstreamer is now available from Comet Daily. It extends the previous tutorial (focused on the Web client and on a Java Data Adapter) covering .NET Data Adapters (both a C# and a Visual Basic version are explained).

April 3, 2008 Lightstreamer Exhibiting at Great Indian Developer Summit (Bangalore, May 2008)

Lightstreamer will have a booth at Great Indian Developer Summit:
May 19-23, 2008
Alessandro Alinone (Lightstreamer's CTO) will be the speaker of a focused session entitled "Ajax and Comet: Implementing the Real-Time Web".

February 11, 2008 Lightstreamer Server v.3.4.7 and Web Client v.4.2.2 Released

A new distribution of Lightstreamer software is generally available through the download page.

October 9, 2007 Lightstreamer Server v.3.4.5 and Web Client v.4.2.1 Released

A new distribution of Lightstreamer software is generally available through the download page.
Web Client v.4.2.1 implements a new feature, called "automatic engine migration". When a Master Push-Page is lost (closed by the user or replaced by another page), all the remaining Push-Pages that are part of the same application will elect a new Master Push-Page, and the LightstreamerEngine object will migrate to the new Master. All this process is automatic and is enabled through the "SHARE_SESSION" flag in the createEngine() function.

September 3, 2007 New Flex SDK Released

A new Client SDK for Lightstreamer is now generally available. It is based on an ActionScript 3 library that enables any Flex application to receive real-time data from Lightstreamer Server.

The new SDK is compatible with Lightstreamer Presto and Vivace and can be downloaded, as part of Lightstreamer distribution, from:

July 25, 2007 OpenAjax Alliance InteropFest 1.0 Test Passed

Lightstreamer was the first framework to pass the OpenAjax Alliance InteropFest 1.0 test case.

The InteropFest 1.0 is an interoperability event spanning the months of July to September 2007 where multiple Ajax toolkits use the OpenAjax Hub 1.0 to achieve multi-toolkit integration.

The test details are available here:

The first Lightstreamer test application can be seen here:

The second Lightstreamer test application, that includes the Dojo toolkit too, can be seen here:

July 24, 2007 Flex Demo Released

A new Lightstreamer online demo has been released, to offer a preview of the new SDK for Flex Client Development. This demo shows a Flex application based on the new ActionScript API, that directly talks to Lightstreamer Server (without passing through a JavaScript layer, as it happens with the AS/JS Bridge).
The demo can be accessed from here:

July 2, 2007 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at AJAXWorld (Santa Clara, Sep-2007)

Come and visit Lightstreamer's booth at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo to meet both our technical and sales people.
24-26 September 2007
Santa Clara

March 20, 2007 Lightstreamer Moderato Available for FREE

A new edition of Lightstreamer, called Moderato, is now generally available free of charge. You can find the press release here.

Lightstreamer moderato can be downloaded from:

March 1, 2007 Lightstreamer SDK for Flash/Flex Now Generally Available

The SDK for the development of Flash and Flex clients of Lightstreamer is now officially available. The new SDK contains an ActionScript/JavaScript Bridge that enables any Flash or Flex application based on ActionScript to receive live data from Lightstreamer Server through the Web Client.

The new SDK is available as part of the standard Lightstreamer software distribution from

February 21, 2007 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at SIFMA 2007 (New York, Jun-2007)

Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) is a result of the merger between SIA and The Bond Market Association. Lightstreamer will exhibit its leading edge push technnology.
19-21 June 2007
1335 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10019
Come and visit us at stand 1830.

February 20, 2007 Lightstreamer SDK for Java ME Now Generally Available

A new SDK for the development of Java ME (Micro Edition) clients of Lightstreamer is now officially available.

The new SDK contains the client libraries for both MIDP 1.0 and 2.0, together with the javadoc of the API and a full example with source code. It is available as part of the standard Lightstreamer software distribution from

January 26, 2007 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at AJAXWorld (New York, Mar-2007)

Come and visit Lightstreamer's booth at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo to know more about Streaming AJAX and Comet.
19-21 March 2007
Roosevelt Hotel
New York City

January 25, 2007 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at MEFTEC 2007 (Bahrain, Feb-2007)

MEFTEC is the premier and most prestigious banking & financial services technology event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at MEFTEC 2007 to show its state-of-the-art market-data streaming capabilities.
12-13 February 2007
Bahrain International Exhibition Centre
Come and visit us at stand E9.

January 24, 2007 OpenAjax Alliance Test Case Passed

This InteropFest 2007 March is the first step of the OpenAjax Alliance towards interoperability testing within the Ajax community.

Lightstreamer has passed the InteropFest test case.

More information is available from:

November 24, 2006 Grid Demo Released

A simple Grid Demo has been released online. It shows a dynamic GRID built on the of Lightstreamer visual tables (OverwriteTables).

November 17, 2006 New Dojo Demo Released

A Dojo Demo has been released online. It shows how Lightstreamer can be used to deliver real-time data to a Dojo-based AJAX application.

October 30, 2006 e-Forex Article on Push Technology and Comet

e-Forex magazine published an article written by Alessandro Alinone (CTO at Lightstreamer) regarding the evolution of Push Technology and the benefits that the new paradigm can bring to FX market data delivery.
A copy of the article is available at

October 27, 2006 Lightstreamer Server v. 3.4 and Web Client v. 4.1 Released

The new Server can now listen on an arbitrary number of sockets, making it possible to implement complex clustering scenarios, combined with HTTPS and multihosting. Please refer to the Clustering.pdf document (under the DOCS-SDKs folder) for more info.

The directory tree of the package is slightly changed to make it more rational.

For detailed change tracking please refer to the Changelog.txt file (under the root folder).

NOTE: If you own any Production, Development/Test, Demo licenses you need to get back to us to request a license upgrade (that is free as part of the support & maintenance program). All the Evaluation licenses are automatically upgraded.
The new package can be downloaded from

September 25, 2006 .NET Client API Released

The Lightstreamer .NET Client API has been officially released. Through this API it is now very easy to write a .NET application that receives real-time data from Lightstreamer Server.
The new API is included in the standard software distribution, that is available for download from

September 23, 2006 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at Screen Event (Amsterdam, September 28, 2006)

Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at the 14th annual products and services exhibition for the Dutch professional investment community, organized by Screen Consultants.
Thursday 28 September 2006
NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky
Amsterdam - Netherlands

September 19, 2006 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at EiG (Barcelona, October 11-13, 2006)

Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at EiG 2006, the 5th annual European i-gaming congress & expo, that will take place on 11th - 13th October 2006 in Barcelona, Spain. Come and visit us at stand 600.

September 18, 2006 Reference Documentation Added Online

Lightstreamer API reference docs (already contained in the software distribution package) have been made available online. You can find them under the Docs section.

September 12, 2006 New .NET Client Demo Released

The .NET Client Demo has been released. It shows the use of the Lightstreamer .NET Client library to create a .NET application that receives real-time data from Lightstreamer Server. The demo application is available from here.

September 7, 2006 Online Forum Has Opened!

A brand new Forum section is now open. You are welcome to leverage the forum to ask for technical support and to contribute to the Lightstreamer community.

August 22, 2006 Monitor Console Improved

The Lightstreamer Monitor Console has been improved through two slider controls that permit to dynamically change the maximum bandwidth used by the Console and the event history depth.

August 21, 2006 New Advanced StockList Demo Released

The Advanced StockList Demo has been released. It shows the capabitility of Lightstreamer to dynamically change the maximum bandwidth of the stream connection and heuristically merge and filter the real-time events. The demo is available online from the StockList Demo page (click the Advanced Demo button).

August 2, 2006 New AJAX Demos Released! TIBCO GI and Microsoft Atlas

Two new online demos have been released, that show the integration between Lightstreamer and two AJAX frameworks: TIBCO General Interface and Microsoft ATLAS. The demos are available from here.

July 31, 2006 New Online Registration and Download System

We have just released a new online registration system. Just go to the Support section and create your profile. You will be able to download the latest distributions of Lightstreamer software and obtain an Evaluation License in a matter of seconds.

June 29, 2006 Lightstreamer to Release a .NET Technology Kit

In the course of July a toolkit will be released to integrate Lightstreamer with .NET technology both on the server side and the client side. On the server side a Remote Adapter will be available to develop Data and Metadata Adapters with .NET. On the client side a .NET Library will be available to develop .NET clients that connect to Lightstreamer Server.

June 28, 2006 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at Italian Java Conference 2006

A seminar on Ajax/Comet and Lightstreamer will be held by Alessandro Alinone (Lightstreamer CTO) in Milan (Centro Direzionale Milanofiori), at 14.00 during "Parallela 6".

For more info please refer to:

June 20, 2006 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at SIA 2006

Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at SIA 2006 in New York on June 20-22, at Hilton New York.

For more info please refer to:

May 26, 2006 Flash Demo Released

A new demo showing a Lightstreamer client implemented in Flash has been released. The demo can be accessed from here.

May 17, 2006 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at DWT 2006

Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at DWT (Dealing With Technology) 2006 in London on the 17th May, at The Brewery in Chiswell St.

For more info please refer to:

March 31, 2006 Lightstreamer Server 3.3 Released

Version 3.3 of Lightstreamer Server has been released, featuring the new family of editions: Allegro, Presto, Vivave.

March 23, 2006 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at Java Symposium 2006

Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2006 in Las Vegas on March 23-25, at the Caesars Palace.

For more info please refer to:

March 14, 2006 Lightstreamer Will Be Exhibiting at SunLIVE06

Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at SunLIVE06 in London on the 14th March, at The Brewery in Chiswell St, as part of Sun's Next Generation Trading.

For more info please refer to:

March 9, 2006 Lightstreamer Web Client 4.0 Released

Version 4.0 of Lightstreamer Web Client has been released. It features a fully object-oriented JavaScript API and the support for on-the-fly subscriptions.

March 5, 2006 Lightstreamer Chosen by extrabet

extrabet, part of IG Group, is a new and unique fixed-odds betting site. Lightstreamer was chosen by IG Group to enhance its web-based market data distribution in order to offer a pure HTML solution without the need for downloads or plug-ins on the client browser.

February 15, 2006 Java Application Demo and Excel Demo Released

Two brand new demos have been added to the Demo section. The Java Application Demo shows a Lightstreamer client based on Java technology. The Excel Demo shows a DDE Gateway that stands between Lightstreamer Server and an Excel spreadsheet.

February 8, 2006 Lightstreamer Web Client 4.0 Alpha Released

An alpha version of Lightstreamer Web Client 4.0, the brand new Javascript framework, has been released to customers and partners.

November 17, 2005 Inside Market Data 2005 - Hong Kong

Lightstreamer will be demonstrated at Inside Market Data Asia conference and exhibition. The launch of IMD Asia reflects the increased importance of the Asia-Pacific region within the market data industry as well as the greater activity within it. The IMD Asia program will examine the diversity of the market as well as the commonalities within the region and around the world. Representatives from user firms, vendors and exchanges—both locally and globally—will offer their perspectives on the issues facing the market data industry.

October 26, 2005 White Paper Updated and A New Document Released

The Lightstreamer White Paper has been updated.
The new document "Changing the Web Paradigm" has been released, providing a brief introduction to Lightstreamer technology and to its relation with AJAX.

October 25, 2005 Tested Compatibility With New Browsers: IE 7, Opera 9, Flock, OmniWeb

Lightstreamer Web Client has been succesfully tested on new browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1
- Opera 9 Preview 1
- OmniWeb 5
- Flock 0.4.9

October 18, 2005 Demo Section Revamped and New Types of Demos Added

The Demo section of the Web site has been reorganized to provide a more rational access to the different types of online demos. A new set of HTML demos optimized for small displays has been added. Furthermore a Java midlet demo for mobile phones is now available.

June 28, 2005 White Paper Updated With a Lightstreamer/AJAX Comparison

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a term describing a web development technique for creating interactive web applications. A new section has been added to the Lightstreamer White Paper that shows the relations and differences between Lightstreamer and AJAX.

June 27, 2005 Formula 1 Web Telemetry Demo Released

At the 2005 Italian Java Conference a new Lightstreamer demo was presented. In this demo, real-time telemetry data are delivered to Web browsers. In this way, Lightstreamer proves to be the perfect solution for the distribution of general sports data as well.
You can access the demo from here: F1 Web Telemetry Demo.

June 15, 2005 HTML Chart Demos Released

New exclusive demos have been released in the Demo section. The Chart Demo is the first application that demonstates the feasability of graphic charts that are plotted in real-time push without applets or plug-ins. Only pure HTML and JavaScript are employed.
You can access the demo from here: Chart Demo.
The real-time charting feature has been added to the Stock List Demo too.

June 13, 2005 SIA (New York) and Java Conference (Milan)

Lightstreamer will be demonstrated at the SIA Technology Management Exhibition in New York between the 21-23 June, presented on the Sun Microsystems stand as part of their Next Generation Tradingg solutions.
For more details please refer to:
On 22-23 June, Lightstreamer will also be demonstrated at the Italian Java Conference on the Sun Microsystems stand.
For more details please refer to:

May 24, 2005 Paged Portfolio Demo Released

A special version of the Lightstreamer Portfolio Demo has been released. It shows how live Rich Internet Applications (RIA) can be developed with Lightstreamer in pure HTML/JavaScript without using Java applets or Flash components. The Paged Portfolio Demo shows full client-side dynamic behavior. A list of items can be split over several pages where the items can move dynamically between the pages. Furthermore, the users can navigate among the pages without issuing any request to the Web server, because the pages are entirely handled on the client side.

You can try the demo here.

RSS News Demo for Small Displays Released

A new version of Lightstreamer RSS News Demo has been released, that is optimized for the small displays of the smatphones. It has been successfully works on Opera 7 Mobile Browser for Motorola A1000. This application allows mobile users to subscribe several RSS feeds and have any news pushed in real-time to their smartphones, without downloading or installing anything on them.

You can try the demo here.

April 21, 2005 Lightstreamer Compatible With Opera 8

Following the release of the Opera 8 browser, Lightstreamer has been tested and is also fully compliant with this latest version. The compatibility of Lightstreamer with the Opera browser family currently includes: Opera 7, Opera 7 Mobile & Opera 8.

April 13, 2005 Interaction Demo Released

A new demo, called Interaction Demo, has been released on the Web site. It shows the ability of Lightstreamer to broadcast an event at each pressure of a key by any connected user.

You can try the demo here.

March 15, 2005 DWT 2005

Lightstreamer will be exhibiting at DWT 2005 in London on the 11th May at The Brewery in Chiswell St.

For more details please refer to:

November 16, 2004 Sun iForce Partnership

Lightstreamer with its advanced push technology based on a state-of-the-art architecture developed in Java has become an iForce Partner in the Sun Microsystems iForce program.

Firefox 1.0 Compatibility Tested

Firefox, a browser based on the Mozilla Foundation's open-source development work, was made available for free download on November 9, 2004. While Web analysts have largely ignored the browser market since declaring IE the winner of the browser war, scattered Web site measurement statistics have suggested gains for Firefox and other minority browsers against IE.
Lightstreamer Web Client has proven fully compatible with Firefox 1.0.

October 25, 2004 Lightstreamer Server 2.3 Released

Lightstreamer Server version 2.3 has been released. It features full JMX (Java Management Extensions) compatibility, including Sun’s JMX Reference Implementation and JMX Remote API.