Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Use RTD to Push Data to Excel via Lightstreamer

Real-Time Data (RTD) is a technology introduced in Microsoft Excel starting from version 2002, aimed at replacing DDE for updating spreadsheets in real time.

It is possible to use Lightstreamer to push real-time data through the Internet and then inject it into an Excel spreadsheet via RTD.

We have just released a demo, together with full source code, that shows this possibility.

The demo is made up of a DLL library that acts as an RTD Server, which receives updates from Lightstreamer Server on one side and injects them into Excel on the other side. The library has been developed with C#.NET. It leverages the Lightstreamer .NET Client Lib to subscribe to 30 stock items and the Microsoft Office library to set up the RTD server.

Check out the Excel RTD Demo online and download the source code.

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