Thursday, May 12, 2016

What's New With Lightstreamer 6.0.2

We are very excited to announce the general availability of Lightstreamer Server 6.0.2, which includes several new and updated components.

Client-side SDKs

More client libraries have been updated to reflect the Lightstreamer Unified Client API model. We recommend upgrading the client code to make use of the new libraries, even if this requires some rework when migrating from non-unified APIs. The big advantage in using the Unified API is that the same consistent interface and behavior are guaranteed across different client platforms. In other words, the same abstractions and internal mechanisms are provided for very different platforms, while respecting the conventions, styles, and best practice of each platform. This will dramatically reduce costs and complexity when maintaining client applications for different platforms.

Apple Clients

Brand new SDKs for Apple client development, based on the Lightstreamer Unified Client API, have been added to the Lightstreamer distribution. The SDKs include version 2.0.0 of iOS, OS X, and tvOS libraries. This means tvOS is now officially supported too.

The new versions include support for bitcode, as well as several improvements and fixes.
 > See detailed changelog (iOS)
 > See detailed changelog (OS X)
 > See detailed changelog (tvOS)

Android and Java SE Clients

Unified Client API for Android and Java SE have been finalized too. The SDKs include version 2.0.0 of the Android library and version 3.1.0 of the Java SE library.

Several fixes and improvements have been added.
 > See detailed changelog (Android)
 > See detailed changelog (Java SE)

JavaScript Client for Web and Node.js

The JavaScript client, which has already been based on the Unified Client API since version 6, has been updated to version 7 and split into two specialized SDKs. The Web Client SDK is targeted at browser-based applications and contains version 7.0.2 of the JavaScript library for Web. The Node.js Client SDK is optimized for Node applications and contains version 7.0.3 of the JavaScript library for Node.

Version 7 of the JavaScript libraries contains many improvements and fixes. We recommend going through the changelogs:
 > See detailed changelog (Web)
 > See detailed changelog (Node.js)

Server-side SDKs

Python Adapters

A brand new SDK has been released, supporting the development of Lightstreamer Data Adapters and Metadata Adapters in Python. The new SDK includes version 1.0.0b1 of the Python library. This adds to the rich set of supported platforms, which include: Java, JavaScript/Node, .NET, and raw TCP sockets.

To find out more about the new Python SDK, we recommend checking out this article.

Lightstreamer Server

The Lightstreamer Server moves from version 6.0.1 to version 6.0.2. It contains a few fixes and improvements. Upgrading from 6.0.1 is quick and painless.

 > See detailed changelog (Server)

We released an official Docker image for Lightsteamer Server on Docker Hub. Learn full details.

A brand-new product entered the Lightstreamer family, called Lightstreamer JMS Extender. It connects to any third-party JMS server and makes Java Message Service available on the Web. Any HTML page running inside a web browser, as well as any Node.js application, instantly become JMS clients, able to publish and subscribe on JMS topics and queues. Therefore, Web pages can exchange messages with legacy JMS applications through the Internet. Learn more.

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