Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Hello bank!' by Cortal Consors: Innovative Online Workshops

We are really excited to announce that USEEDS°, a German B2B consultancy firm for user-centric design of interactive applications and associated services, and E27, an innovative agency focused on verticals as different as web, graphic, and product design, opted for Lightstreamer to be rolled out as the streaming engine at the heart of an online workshop environment developed for 'Hello bank!’ by CortalConsors, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas focused on private investment and online trading.

USEEDS° has been invited to provide its expertise as part of the Cortal Consors' effort in repositioning itself as a financial institution. Hello bank! represents a new approach to banking, designed to meet the needs of European clients for a faster, easier, always-on mobile and Internet banking service. Launched on May 2013 in Belgium and Germany and soon also in France and Italy, Hello bank! will aim to attract 1.4 million clients within five years.

During this 5-days co-creation online workshop held from 17th to 21th June 2013, a group of users, clients, creative, analysts and banking professionals had the opportunity discuss current issues of banking (delivered by user / online community) and to create ideas or approaches to solve the pain points and offer a more transparent customer-oriented service. In addition to that, the online community submitted several questions, doubts and ideas on simplification of banking products, processes and tools, which have been summed up in three main topics and extensively debated also using sketches, videos and other active online tools.

"Our platform was easy to use for the online community so we received a massive feedback and input while the experts created ideas. At the end, we had a lot of ideas driven by the users of the chat", declared Sven Lieckefett, Managing Director at USEEDS.

"Lightstreamer enabled us to develop the required chat feature for the Hello bank! workshop in a short timeframe. The server was easy to install and did run very smoothly and with great performance", added Hendrik Gackst├Ątter – Managing Director at E27.

"Yet another example of how a great real-time technology can also prove to be smart and easy to integrate", commented Mauro Fantechi, co-CEO and Chairman at Weswit. "Lightstreamer can give a valuable help even for small/medium sized mission-critical projects, in which time could be a decisive success factor", he concluded.

Lightstreamer has been chosen to power the real-time chat feature, allowing participants and experts to communicate with each other, enhancing the overall interactivity of the workshop.

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