Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lightstreamer won a comparison at Java2Days 2012 Conference

We are happy to see that Lightstreamer resulted the winner in a presentation titled "Realtime Apps with Lightstreamer, GWT & HTML5" by Detelin Zlatev and Mariyan Nenchev from Cayetano Gaming, at the recent Java2Days 2012 Conference.

Java2Days 2012 Conference took place on October 25-26 in Sofia, Bulgaria to highlight today’s cutting edge Java trends in field of software development, technologies, and business. 

Cayetano Gaming, one of the official sponsors of the conference, is a leading provider of online casino software, wholly owned and managed by Paddy Power PLC, the biggest betting and gaming company in Ireland and one of the biggest in Europe.

Lightstreamer has been evaluated versus DWR, the Atmosphere framework, and a custom solution built on Servlet 3.0, to stream a large amount of data per second, with no delays, to a large number of concurrent users both on desktop and mobile. Lightstreamer proved to be the most suitable solution for its high scalability, low bandwidth consumption, adaptive data throttling, and live monitoring characteristics. Furthermore, the Lightstreamer behavior has been appreciated for its "graceful degradation when CPU is saturated", allowing to keep the quality of the data stream excellent. You can download and read the whole presentation here.

The Real-Time Web is getting a growing attention from the gaming industry as an easy and cost-efficient way to allow developers and producers of browser-based, mobile, desktop, or social games to focus on the effort to make catchy and pervasive game designs and concepts, deputing the Lightstreamer solution to manage all the complexities of bi-directional live data distribution.

Lightstreamer has been recently selected by to power its Poker, Casino, and Bingo online platforms. Read all the details here.

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