Friday, January 6, 2012

Social Gaming is Here to Stay

In 2011, Buzz All Stars moved to Silicon Valley with a simple vision. Sport is Social (TM) and fans watching Live Sports want Match Tracking Game Play in a Social TV environment on their Second Screen and Smart TV devices.
This is the statement that appears on the home page of, a Silicon Valley company that is innovating the way live sports events can be enjoyed.

The buzz is predicting the result of the next play during a live sports event in a social and competitive environment. We use a combination of statistical models and sports analysts to track the live game presented on intuitive and dynamic game screens that allow players to compete with each other to win points for correctly predicting what happens next in the live sports event. Play against a group of friends around a virtual Game Table or against all players in Stadium View.
Buzz All Stars has chosen Lightstreamer as the real-time communication engine. Lightstreamer makes it possible to reliably push live data back and forth to any web page and mobile application with low latency and high scalability.
Our games are standards compliant built in HTML5 and CSS3 which allows us offer all games across multiple devices and platforms.

Laptop and tablets offer full screen immersion in our games. Each game is click, drag, touch and swipe compatible. Watching live sport on TV with a tablet in hand is the best way to enjoy our games and get involved in the action.

We are launching fully integrated iPhone, iPad and Android Buzz Baseball apps in March 2012.

Sport is Social™ and our games are built on Social Networks. Play all our games as Facebook apps in 2012. Invite your social network friends to compete on Private Tables and find new friends by playing on our Open Tables.
Here at Weswit (Lightstreamer), we truly believe that the Real-Time Web has taken off. After many years of evangelization on our real-time technologies, we are happy to see more and more application domains and new business ideas leveraging the power of Lightstreamer.

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