Friday, February 4, 2011

Lightstreamer 4.0 Preview Release

We are very excited to announce early availability of the Preview Release of next-generation Lightstreamer.

The final release is expected in the next few months, but this sneak preview will allow you to check out some of the improvements to the product and enable us to collect your precious feedback before releasing the final version.

We encourage you to download and test the Preview Release and get back to us with any comments.


Here is what you will find in the Preview package:

  • Lightstreamer Server v. 4.0 a4 build 1495
  • SDK for JMX Extensions v. 4.0 build 1495 (API doc *)
ADAPTER Development Kits:
  • SDK for Java Adapters v. 4.0 a4 build 1495 (API doc *)
  • SDK for .NET Adapters v. 1.7.3895.27492 (API doc *)
  • SDK for Adapter Remoting Infrastructure v. 1.4 build 43
CLIENT Development Kits:
  • SDK for HTML Clients v. 5.0 b1 build 1413 (API doc *)
  • SDK for Flash Clients v. 1.1 build 38.131 (API doc *)
  • SDK for Flex Clients v. 2.1 build 83 (API doc *)
  • SDK for Silverlight (and Windows Phone 7) Clients v. 1.3.4049.30377 (API doc *)
  • SDK for iOS Clients v. 1.0 a1 build 14 (API doc *)
  • SDK for Android Clients v. 1.0 build 6 (API doc *)
  • SDK for BlackBerry and Java ME Clients v. 3.1 build 135 (API doc *)
  • SDK for Java SE Clients v. 2.5 build 1101 (API doc *)
  • SDK for .NET Clients v. 1.5.4049.30448 (API doc *)
  • SDK for Generic Clients v. 4.0 a4 build 1495


There are a lot of new features and improvements in this version of Lightstreamer. As you have probably noticed in the list above, there are some brand new client SDKs included, covering iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7.

All the existing SDKs have been improved and extended, with bug fixes, stability improvements, and new features. The backward communication from the Client to the Server has been extremely optimized, with asynchronous support, automatic batching, and guaranteed delivery.

The Server has undergone many optimizations and feature improvements. Just to mention a few: improved JMX support (more Mbeans and security support); support for client-side SSL certificates; more extensive Monitor Console; higher scalability and throughput, especially during fast client connections and disconnections.

Please take a look at the full CHANGELOG (*).

Expect other improvements for the final release.


NOTE: Please remember that this is a Preview Release and should not be used in Production, but only for testing.

All the editions of Lightstreamer are available for download.
Download Lightstreamer Allegro/Presto/Vivace:
- Download zip (*)
- Download tar.gz (*)

To run the new Allegro/Presto/Vivace Server any valid Evaluation license can be used. If you are a Lightstreamer's customer and you need a different type of license for some reason, please get back to us.

Download Lightstreamer Moderato:
- Download zip (*)

- Download tar.gz (*)

To run new Lightstreamer Moderato Server, you need to get a new free license.

(*) UPDATE 2011-06-07: The final release of Lightstreamer 4.0 is now generally available and these old links have been discontinued.

We look forward to hearing from you, reporting any issues you might find. Please write us at


The Lightstreamer Team


  1. Wondering what cathedral is in the image above?
    It's the Duomo of Milan, the Italian city where Lightstreamer was created.
    By the way, the codename of the final release of Lightstreamer Server 4.0 and its new SDKs is Duomo ;-)

  2. Hi,

    is there a way to use the light-streamer without AMF.


  3. Yes, when using Lightstreamer with Flex, you can decide whether to use AMF encoding or note.


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