Friday, May 24, 2013

Amazon AMIs for Lightstreamer Moderato Now Available

Cloud services like Amazon AWS are a perfect way to reduce the time and costs associated to exploring, testing, and deploying new technologies. You choose an AMI, launch an EC2 instance and you are done. A brand new machine with all the software you need is ready to use!

The good news is that now we provide free public Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with pre-installed Lightstreamer Server, Moderato Edition.

If you want to explore Lightstreamer for the first time, need to test your own Adapters, or you are ready to deploy your production machine, you don't even need to download and install the Lightstreamer distro anymore. Just launch an EC2 instance and Lightstreamer Moderato is up and running.

To know all the details and find the latest AMI IDs for all the Amazon regions, together with direct bookmarks to the AWS Console, just visit

From there, you can also jump to the Amazon AMI Catalog page related to the latest version of the AMIs.

Go and check it out right now! And feel free to let us know your comments and feedback.

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