Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lightstreamer Server 4.0.1 Released

A new update to Lightstreamer Server 4.0 is available for download.
The new version is 4.0.1 build 1513.1.3.

This release fixes a bug introduced with Lightstreamer 4.0 that affects HTTPS connections. Under some circumstances, when very large control requests are sent (usually due to very long item and field names, combined with high numbers of subscriptions) the underlying TLS/SSL connection may break.

How to upgrade from Server 4.0 to Server 4.0.1:
  • Download the new distribution of Lightstreamer Allegro/Presto/Vivace.
  • Extract the files "/Version.txt" and "/lib/lightstreamer.jar" from
      the archive and replace the same files in your existing installation.
  • Restart the server.

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